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Roll up, Roll up for a Magical Mystery Tour
celebrating the GREATEST Rock and Roll Band of the Century.

Welcome to Jeremy's trip to Pepperland.

A special hello to David, Eddie, Glenn, Jeff, Leslie, Lisa, Mike, and Theo. Everybody else is welcome, just remember to wipe your feet B-).

My name is Dan and I am a 38 year old actor who fell in love with the Beatles at the young age of 3. I also do a kick a** Liverpudlian accent.


Selected highlights from this week in Beatles history



1964 3/30 Pete Best appears as a guest on the U.S. game show "I've Got A Secret." Panelists figure out his secret.

"Bad To Me," written by Lennon/McCartney, is released in the U. S. on a single by Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas.

3/31 Beatles' songs hold the top five chart positions for BillBoard singles in the U. S., plus an additional seve registering in the BillBoard Hot 100.

Can't Buy Me Love (45) is certified as a Gold Record by the R. I. A. A. in the U. S.


1967 3/30 With A Little Help From My Friends is recorded at EMI's Abbey Road studios


1969 3/31 George and Patti Harrison are fined 250 pounds as a result of the police drug raid on their home.


This section will constantly be under renovation.

Mike McGear: Younger brother of Paul McCartney. Born Michael McCartney on Jan. 7, 1944. Changed his surname to McGear for professional reasons upon entering the entertainment world in 1964. Former member of the group "The Scaffold."
Anna Quayle: Actress who played the role of Millie ("she looks more like him than I do") in "A Hard Day's Night

Jackie Stewart: Race car driver and sports commentator whose book Faster inspired the title of George's song of the same name. Besides being George's close friend, Stewart began instructing George in the art of racing in 1979.


Stephen King, accountant: On 30 January 1969, Stephen King, the accountant in a nearby office, took steps to stop the Beatle's impromptu concert that was taking place on the roof of the Abbey Road studio.

Stephen King, writer: Stephen King, the writer used two lines from the Beatles song "Drive My Car" as the epigraph to the chapter "LeBay Passes" in his 1983 novel "Christine." King's novel "The Shining" was originally called "The Shine, inspired by John Lennon's song, "Instant Karma." King changed the title when he learned the term "the shine" was derogatory to blacks.

Menlove Avenue: John lived at number 251 Menlove Avenue with his Aunt Mimi And Uncle George prior to and following the death of his mother Julia. John called the house "Mendips."

PepperLand: Fictional village which is the setting for the movie "Yellow Submarine"

Plaza Hotel: New York Hotel in which The Beatles stayed during their first visit to America in 1964. The exclusive establishment booked their reservation under the assumption that The Beatles were British businessmen, but were soon loudly awakened to the truth when they found thousands of teenagers camped outside the hotel during the group's entire stay. The Beatles and their entourage occupied suites 1209 thru 1216.

Flying Cow: The name of the bar in Ringo's Weybridge home.

F.P.S.H.O.T: Abbreviation for Friar Park Studio Henley-On-Thames. This recording studio, located in George's home, is where George recorded the albums DARK HORSE, 33 1/3, and GEORGE HARRISON
Beatle Haircut: Bangs and hair covering the ears became the Beatles most recognisable trademark as they started their climb to fame. This style, which was to revolutioniise men's fashion, at first horrified parents of "clean-cut" teenagers in 1964.
The style came about when The Beatles were working in Germany in the early sixties. Astrid Kircherr, the fiancee of then Beatle Stu Sutcliffe, convinced Stu to brush his hair forward in the "French" style, as did many of her art student friends. After the Beatles stopped laughing at Stu, they too decided to give it a try. John was the last holdout, not wishing to abandon the "greasy look," but finally relented while visiting Paris with Paul a few months later.

New York Times Neediest Fund: Organisation set up to aid the poor at Christmastime, to which Paul and Linda donated $10,000 in 1979.

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