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I was born in Brooklyn, NY on 25th February 1962. Depending upon which date you believe, I share a birthday with George Harrison. Early on, my parents told me I ate, slept, drank, and breathed the Beatles.
I'll fill you in with a little background on myself.

Other famous Pisces with whom I share a birthdate
Actress Tea Leoni (1966),
Comic Scott Thompson[Carrot Top] (1967),
Actor Jim Backus [Mr. Magoo/Gilligan's Island] (1913),
Wrestler Ric Fliehr [Flair] (1949),
Author Anthony Burgess [A Clockwork Orange] (1917),
Unknown Marx Brother Zeppo Marx (1901)

My tastes in music run from "Oldies" to "Top 40" with some "Adult Contemporary" thrown in to round things out. This is how the music charts looked on Feb. 25th:
"The following were all chart toppers:"
1959: "Stagger Lee" Lloyd Price,
1962: "The Wanderer" Dion,
1971: "One Bad Apple" The Osmonds,
1980: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Queen.
And on the "Beatles Front:"
56 yrs ago: George Harrison is supposedly born. During his 40s, he discovered he was actually born on Feb. 24th.
36 yrs ago: Vee Jay Records, releases the first Beatles record in the U.S., "Please Please Me" b/w "Ask Me Why." In spite of being a smash in the U.K., just about nobody notices it in America.
30 yrs ago: The Beatles begin recording "Abbey Road" album.

As I stated on my introduction page, I'm an actor. I've been involved in several stage productions and was an extra in the Universal Studios remake of "The Day of the Jackal" simply titled, "The Jackal" Bruce Willis and Richard Gere were in that one.

Here's a sampling of what we were watching on the "tube" in 1962. There were only three networks to choose from back then and no cable:
"The Alfred Hitchcock Hour"
"The Beverly Hillbillies"
"Fireball XL5"
"Davey and Goliath"
"McHale's Navy"
"Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show"
and "Beanie and Cecil" aka "Matty's Funday Funnies"

some vidcaps of my television debut: "Daring Capers" on TLC 9/10/99

Here in Virginia there is a film company called New Dominion Pictures. It is a joint French-Canadian/American production company, they produce much of the programmes that air on the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel.

Some of the programmes they produced were: "The New Detectives,"

"The F.B.I. Files,"

"Real Stories of the Navy Seals"

"Daring Capers"

They also tried their hand at syndicated programming, producing the failed t.v. show "Ghost Stories,"narrated by the actor, Rip Torn.

BTW, I'm the good-lookin guy without the glasses in the above pictures.


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